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The art of manufacturing clocks and watches has a long and proud standing in Sweden. In the middle of the 19th century, for example, Victor Kullberg gained worldwide reputation for his marine chronometers and use of reverse fusée for maximum precision. During the same period, the highly creative entrepreneur Henning Hammarlund reinforced Sweden's position as a leading watchmaking nation, developing and improving various watch constructions.

Determined to carry the torch of this genuine legacy, Sjöö Sandström was established in 1986. The ambition was to intermingle time-honored knowledge with the kind of luxury that defines the Scandinavian peninsula – an extravagance that is not measured in abundance or material wealth, but which is rather about freedom, sensuality, and experiences in nature.

The result is a brand that takes Swedish watchmaking to a whole new level of exclusivity, embracing minimalism, simplicity, and functionality.

Swedish forrest
Viktor Kullberg

Green. Deep. And utterly profound. It is safe to say that the forest, with its silent tone and spiritual ambience, has played a major part in shaping the Swedish psyche and society. As well as the Sjöö Sandström brand.


Our story is a timely journey starting out in Stockholm in 1986. At that time, the two engineers and watch aficionados Christer Sjöö and Mikael Sandström visualized a bridge between tradition and technology. They asked themselves whether craftsmanship and high-tech innovation could symphonize in one single watch. And soon an idea was born. Honing their skills, they introduced the Automatic in 1993, an elegant handmade watch that went on to win the esteemed Excellent Swedish Design award in 1995.

The big break, however, came in 1997 with the introduction of the Chronolink Worldtimer UTC, a marvel of watchmaking ingenuity combining analogue elegance, electronic brilliance, and classic Scandinavian aesthetics.

Soon the word about the small but innovative and design-driven Swedish watchmaker spread across the world. And with increased prominence came enhanced expectations. We met this challenge by continuing on our quest to develop and introduce stunning timepieces to discerning users.

In 2011, we launched both Landsort and UTC Skydiver, two extraordinary watches that have played major roles in bolstering our position as an innovative watch maker. The first diver's watch ever designed and built in Sweden, Landsort is constructed to sustain the pressure experienced at 459 meters, the depth of the Landsort abyss, which is the deepest ravine in the Baltic Sea. Simultaneously, we also developed the UTC Skydiver in collaboration with Swedish fighter pilots. As the official timepiece of the Swedish Airforce, UTC Skydiver meets 35 strict military demands and requirements.

Three years later, we took a giant leap for Swedish watchmaking when we launched the Royal Capital, the achievement of an exclusive partnership between Sjöö Sandström and Vaucher Manufacture. This unique timepiece includes the Vaucher movement caliber 5400 and marks the first time ever that a Swedish watchmaker has been chosen to collaborate with Swiss perfectionist Vaucher, one of the world’s most renowned creators of exclusive movements.


As explorers of time, we are in it for the long run. We see our brand as the prime carrier of the Swedish watchmaking tradition, and although we celebrate past achievements, our passion is to continuously renew ourselves. Challenging the routine, we aim to develop, create, and refine timepieces for future generations – watches that stand up to time over many decades. Ultimately, we are determined to ensure that the Sjöö Sandström brand will live and flourish long after we are gone.

Major moments

Thumnail of Automatic S1

Automatic S1

Automatic S1 is launched – the first wrist watch made in Sweden. Awarded with Excellent Swedish Design 1995.

Thumnail of Chronolink Worldtimer UTC

Chronolink Worldtimer UTC

The unique Chronolink is launched, combining a mechanical movement with the electronic watch.

Thumnail of UTC ORC


Developed for the Volvo Ocean Race, designed to meet the extreme conditions in competitive sailing.

Thumnail of Royal Steel Classic I

Royal Steel Classic I

Thumnail of Royal Steel Quattro Lady

Royal Steel Quattro Lady

Thumnail of Royal Steel Tonneau Gent

Royal Steel Tonneau Gent

Thumnail of Special edition

Special edition

In cooperation with Swedish architect Thomas Sandell, 100 watches were produced.

Thumnail of Royal Steel Chronograph Extreme

Royal Steel Chronograph Extreme

Thumnail of Chronolink Swedish Night

Chronolink Swedish Night

Thumnail of Extreme Gold Chronograph

Extreme Gold Chronograph

Thumnail of Royal Steel Classic II Lady

Royal Steel Classic II Lady

Thumnail of UTC White Diamond

UTC White Diamond

Limited Edition 50 pcs. White Diamond on caseback.

Thumnail of UTC Black Diamond

UTC Black Diamond

Limited Edition 50 pcs. Black Diamond on caseback.

Thumnail of Landsort


Named after the deepest point of the Baltic Sea and developed in cooperation with divers from the Swedish Navy.

Thumnail of UTC Skydiver

UTC Skydiver

Made in cooperation with the Swedish Air Force, designed to meet military demands.

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Thumnail of Royal Capital SS-1440-1

Royal Capital SS-1440-1

Limited Edition to 250 pcs.

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Thumnail of Royal Capital AU-1440-1

Royal Capital AU-1440-1

Limited to 30pcs

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Thumnail of Royal Steel Classic 36mm

Royal Steel Classic 36mm

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Thumnail of Royal Steel Wordtimer 41mm Limited Edition

Royal Steel Wordtimer 41mm Limited Edition

Limited Edition to 100 pcs.

Thumnail of UTC Skydiver Black Night

UTC Skydiver Black Night

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Thumnail of Royal Steel Worldtimer 41mm & 36mm

Royal Steel Worldtimer 41mm & 36mm

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Thumnail of Royal Capital AU-1740-2

Royal Capital AU-1740-2

Limited to 30 pcs.

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Thumnail of Royal Capital AU-1740-1

Royal Capital AU-1740-1

Limited to 30 pcs.

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Thumnail of Anniversary Edition 2018

Anniversary Edition 2018

When designing this 25th anniversary tribute watch, we felt the importance of combining our DNA with the roots of the very first watch from 1993, Automatic S1. Limited Edition 100pcs.

Thumnail of UTC Skydiver Titanium Limited Edition

UTC Skydiver Titanium Limited Edition

Limited to 100 pcs.

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Adhering to small-scale manufacturing and combining tradition, innovation and design, we honor the Swedish heritage of skilled watchmaking.

In our production facility in Stockholm, our watchmakers conceive, assemble and fine-tune each Sjöö Sandström timepiece. Their art and craftsmanship come alive in each precise measurement and in the strict quality controls and attention given to each step of the process, however complex the mechanism. Each Sjöö Sandström model is produced in exclusive made-to-order series and every timepiece is meticulously tested before release.

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Bespoke unity

Sjöö Sandström has for many years collaborated closely with various professional organizations in developing and designing bespoke timepieces for specific needs.

A great example is the UTC Skydiver, which was handcrafted in collaboration with the Swedish Air Force to meet 35 strict military demands and requirements. Launched in 2011, this unique timepiece has since been the preferred choice of not only Swedish fighter pilots, but also many other professionals with high demands on precision and durability.

Our bespoke watches are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in Stockholm. The watches are built to withstand the demands of, for example, high altitude or deep water and adorn the wrists of combat personnel and similar professionals around the world.

Swedish Air Force
The Swedish Maritime Administration
Swedish Security Service
Reinforced Regional Task Force
SLA – Swedish Air Ambulance
HEMS – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
Extreme Black Professional

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