Annual edition 19

Sjöö Sandström Annual Edition 2019

Green. Deep. And utterly profound. The Swedish forest, covering nearly seventy per cent of the land, is seemingly everywhere. It is indeed safe to say that the forest, with its silent tone, spiritual ambience and grand pervasiveness, has played a major part in shaping the Swedish psyche and society.

At Sjöö Sandström we feel the pull of the vibrant yet peaceful woods on a daily basis, an irrefutable fact reflected in the Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 19. This unique timepiece comes with a forest-green dial, for example, echoing the vast spruce and pine woods that dominate its home and native land.

The Swedish forest, however, is not only green and dark but also light and bright by virtue of the prevalent birch. This dynamic contrast is quietly manifested in the handcrafted box, made from Swedish birch wood, that carries the limited-edition watch. The birch’s soft and light color creates balance and perfect harmony with the deeper forest green.

When launched in 1993, Royal Steel Classic was the first ever wristwatch designed and manufactured in Sweden – an authenticity that has inspired the 2019 version of the Annual Edition.

Reflecting our birth year and revering the singularity of its peaceful and profound origins, Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 19 is available in only 86 stunning pieces.


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