Chronolink dial package Elegance

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“Elegance” contains a ivory and a blue dial, both with rose gold index. Two dial changes are included upon presentation of the note included in the leather case.


We take pride in being pioneers in the industry and a feature we've proudly offered since our start in 1986 is that you can change the dial. By allowing you to effortlessly change dials, our watches promote sustainability, as you can update your look over time.


It all started with a vision. The best of both worlds would be united in a wristwatch in a completely new way. Classic watchmaking would be included with new age electronics. After years of development, in 1997 we presented a unique wristwatch, Sjöö Sandström CHRONOLINK Worldtimer UTC. Elegance in one classic, mechanical watch is united with the electronic brilliance. A concept that is still unique in the watch world today.


  • Dial/hands: “Elegance” contains an ivory and a blue dial, both with rose gold index
  • Dial change: Two dial changes are included
  • Leather case: Elegant handcrafted leather case made in Sweden

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