Life & care

We recommend you to get a regular service every 4 to 5 years at an authorized service center to keep your Sjöö Sandström watch in good condition. Check the water resistance of your watch every 12 months.

  1. Checking physical condition of the watch
  2. Cleaning of the case and the metal bracelet
  3. Dismantling the case and the movement for ultra sound cleaning of all parts and replacement of damaged movement parts and components
  4. Assembling and oiling of the movement
  5. Checking the functions of the movement
  6. Assembling movement, dials and hands into the case
  7. Closing the case and water-resistance check
  8. Setting the correct time – after 24 hours: confirmation that the rates are stable
  9. Final check and quality control

Everyday maintenance

All Sjöö Sandström watches are water-resistant. Before swimming, make sure that the crown and push-pieces are fully screwed down. After swimming in saltwater, rinse your watch in fresh water.

For watches with a metal strap: rinse with warm water regularly and dry with a soft cloth.

Avoid dropping your watch onto hard surfaces and exposing it to excessive stress. Magnetic fields can affect the balance-spring in watches with mechanical movements, please avoid frequent exposure to magnetic fields.

For hand wound watches (Chronolink Worldtimer UTC): we recommend that you wind your watch every day – even if you don’t wear it.


If you need to have your Sjöö Sandström watch repaired, please contact your nearest authorized Sjöö Sandström boutique (see Boutiques) or the Sjöö Sandström workshop in Stockholm.

Our workshop is located on Ringvägen 50 C in Stockholm, open weekdays 09.00-16.00 only for pre-booked visits. You can also send your Sjöö Sandström watch to us. Make sure to enclose your name, address, phone number, email address and a brief description of the issue. We recommend that you send your package with PostNord as REK.

Postal address internal for REK:
Box 38016
100 64 Stockholm

If you send from a non EU country, we recommend you to send the package with DHL and label it “Temporary import, contains watch for service – will return after repair”

Postal address:
Ringvägen 50C
118 67 Stockholm

International warranty

Sjöö Sandström offers a 2+1 year international warranty, covering anomalies relating to material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover damages, such as scratches on glass, watch case or bracelets, battery change or color changes of leather bracelets.

To claim the extra year of warranty, please follow the steps below. Register your Sjöö Sandström watch online within 3 months of purchase and receive an extra year warranty.

The Sjöö Sandström 2 year international warranty is valid with an official warranty card, with a date and stamp from an authorized Sjöö Sandström dealer.


All our timepieces are assembled by hand, one by one, at the Sjöö Sandström workshop in Stockholm. Since a watch consists of several hundred parts that must be tuned with exact precision, this is indeed a work for the perfectionists. Each Sjöö Sandström model is produced in small series and every timepiece is meticulously tested before release.

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