Bespoke watches

Sjöö Sandström has for many years collaborated closely with various professional organizations in developing and designing bespoke timepieces for specific needs.

A great example is the UTC Skydiver, which was handcrafted in collaboration with the Swedish Air Force to meet 35 strict military demands and requirements. Launched in 2011, this unique timepiece has since been the preferred choice of not only Swedish fighter pilots, but also many other professionals with high demands on precision and durability.

Our bespoke watches are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in Stockholm. The watches are built to withstand the demands of, for example, high altitude or deep water and adorn the wrists of combat personnel and similar professionals around the world.


Swedish Air Force
Swedish Navy
The Swedish Maritime Administration
Swedish Security Service
Reinforced Regional Task Force
SLA – Swedish Air Ambulance
HEMS – Helicopter Emergency Medical Service
Foreign Forces - Extreme Black Professional

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