Special Project - Royal Steel SUBTIMER

Royal Steel SUBTIMER

Navigating the Depths: Sjöö Sandström's Subtimer and Sweden's Submarine Tradition

In the murky depths where visibility is limited and navigation is fraught with challenges, it is the precise synchronization of time, speed, and course that determines the submarine's location and ensures its safety. In this high-stakes environment, where the margin for error is razor-thin, the watch stands as an indispensable ally, guiding the crew with unwavering accuracy through the depths of uncertainty.

It is with great honor and pride that Sjöö Sandström announces the creation of a special edition timepiece manufactured exclusively for the Swedish submarine force. Named the Subtimer, the watch is based on the model Royal Steel Worldtimer. With unique changes such as: the second hand in the shape of King Neptune’s trident, the hour and minute hands have been given a hydrodynamic shape like a torpedo, the dial is made in two layers, land and sea. This illustrates the geographical area where Swedish submarines typically operate. The dial also features the typical crosshairs taken from the Swedish submarine HMS Södermanland periscope. The Heraldic coat of arms of the first Submarine Flotilla with their motto ESSE NON VIDERI (TO BE, NOT SEEN) adorns the caseback. The entire design work has been characterized by subtle submarine-specific details.

The Subtimer's dial is crafted to resemble the contours of a navigational chart. Its levels and gradients serve no functional purpose but are instead a tribute to the artistry behind submarine navigation. Inspired by the underwater terrain, the dial offers a visual journey into the depths, where every curve and line reflects the submarine's silent passage through the ocean's vast expanse.

From the initial design concept to the final assembly, every step of the manufacturing process takes place under our careful oversight in our Stockholm workshop. This commitment to craftsmanship and quality control ensures that each Subtimer not only meets but exceeds expectations, delivering a timepiece of exceptional beauty and precision.

As the Subtimer joins the ranks of those working within the Swedish submarine force, it symbolizes more than just precise timekeeping; it embodies the enduring partnership between Sjöö Sandström and Sweden's defense legacy. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail in our Stockholm workshop, it stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. With each tick, it echoes the dedication of those within the submarine force navigating the depths, guiding them with unwavering accuracy through the challenges of uncertainty. Together, the Subtimer and the Swedish submarine fleet represent the pinnacle of innovation and tradition, ensuring the safety and security of Sweden's waters for generations to come.

The Swedish submarine fleet was established in 1904, marking a significant milestone in Sweden's defense history. Since its inception, it has remained a cornerstone of Sweden's defense strategy, playing a vital role in safeguarding the nation's security and sovereignty. Over the years, the submarine fleet has evolved and expanded, adapting to changing geopolitical dynamics and technological advancements. With its unmatched stealth capabilities and strategic significance, the Swedish submarine force continues to be a crucial asset in ensuring Sweden's defense readiness. From patrolling territorial waters to conducting intelligence-gathering missions, the submarine fleet stands as a symbol of Sweden's commitment to maintaining a strong and capable defense force in the face of evolving threats.

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