10th year anniversary of UTC Extreme

Sjöö Sandström UTC Extreme

When we developed UTC Extreme, we had an idea of combining industrial and athletic design together. We wanted to create a wristwatch which incorporated Sjöö Sandströms thoughts of design and take it a step further with functionality and durability. The result: a steady, long-lasting and versatile chronograph with a separate adjustable 24-hour hand and improved water resistance.

In detail, we added rubber and hardened material to the steel case to make it extra sturdy and shockproof. The different executions were also an important ingredient and today both UTC Extreme I & II have many different types of styles. We wanted to add something extra, something that makes the watch and its wearer to stand out.

This is the only model that we still manufacture that you can choose among different colors on the bezel screws, crown and of course the dial. UTC Extreme is the obvious choice for both mountaineers and inner-city adventurers.

The unique design and quality of the UTC Extreme made it an obvious choice for our ambassador Ola Skinnarmo, who is Sweden’s most well-known adventurer. Since we started our partnership, Ola has worn his UTC Extreme during his adventures and expeditions regardless of extreme heat, cold, wet or dry climate. The watch has passed the hardships just as well as Ola has.

Our UTC Extreme has really proven to be an athletic, steady and resistant watch, just as we had in mind from the start. Something we are very proud of today!


In 2009, two special versions of UTC Extreme were launched in a limited edition of 50pcs each, Black Diamond and White Diamond.

We wanted to do something special for the person wearing the watch, something that they would only know about. Therefor we applied a black diamond / white diamond on the case back which is not visible unless you take of your watch.

Congratulations to UTC Extreme on its 10th year anniversary and thank you to all our customers and partners for proving us right in adding the UTC Extreme to the Sjöö Sandström family. We will continue developing the UTC Extreme and our latest add to this family was our new rubber band with folding buckle. True to its heritage, we are sure that the UTC Extreme have many more years to come and we will keep on pushing limits.

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