Chronolink Worldtimer UTC

Sjöö Sandström Chronolink Worldtimer UTC
In the realm of timekeeping, the Chronolink was a game-changer, revolutionizing the global watch market of its time. One could argue that this marks a very early stage to today's smartwatches.

At its core beats two hearts: the Caliber ETA/Peseux 7001, a manual movement adorned with Geneva stripes and blue screws, visible through the glass bottom. Below, a Swedish-engineered digital module by Bofors offers functionalities such as home time, world times, alarm and a stopwatch function, showcasing the fusion of classic elegance with cutting-edge technology.


It all began with a vision, the best of two worlds joined together in a completely new and innovative watch. Centuries of classic watchmaking in symbiosis with modern electronic technology.


After years of development, Sjöö Sandström presents a unique wristwatch, the Chronolink. It embodies the elegance of the classic mechanical watch with electronic brilliance. A unique concept in the world of watches. Worldtimer UTC is the first model in the Chronolink collection.

The analogue watch shows the local time while the digital display provides you with home time plus 25 cities around the world (the menu in the “world” function has been developed in conjunction with Scandinavian airline systems). Other practical functions include alarm, timer, and the possibility to store important pin codes. The menu also shows the day, week, month, and year in a calendar programmed until 2099.


Sjöö Sandström Chronolink Worldtimer UTC, carrying serial number 151 is presented to the largest watch museum in the world, Musée International d’Horlogerie in Cahaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. The Chronolink is still to this day the only Swedish watch ever to take place in the museum. 


The racing chronograph is a result of close cooperation between Sjöö Sandström and the professional racing world, where extreme reliability and readability are the prerequisites. Software developed from first-hand experience and advice from the world of racing has been combined with quality hardware. the result - the racing chronograph, one of the world’s most advanced racing watches.

The racing-program display displays lap times, lap numbers, and total racing time. in addition, it automatically shows the best lap and lap time when the race is finished. the stopwatch is accurate to 1/100th of a second. 


The Chronolink series' most exclusive model is the ‘Swedish blonde’ chronometer. Inspired by light, Nordic summer nights, the Swedish blonde chronometer has a white dial on both the analogue and digital displays. The strap is manufactured in light, natural calf skin from a Swedish tannery rich in tradition.

Each watch carries a certificate from "control officiel suisse des chronometres," which means that the mechanical movement has been subjected to the most demanding tests of the watchmaker’s world and has then been especially chosen for its accuracy. The Swedish blonde chronometer was manufactured in a limited number of 250 pieces.

Blue metal became a very popular model in the Chronolink series and is inspired by a blue theme.

The blue metal has an exclusive metallic blue dial. Its special character is accented by the sun-brushed structure of the dial. Even the second hand and the screws in the movement carry the beautiful blue tint.

When opened, the analogue watch reveals the digital display in a deeper metallic blue, harmonizing with other details and the steel bracelet perfectly. The menu of the blue metal is the same as in the worldtimer utc.


Swedish night was introduced and was the most limited production of the Chronolink with only 20 pieces produced. The watch futures a black PVD case and a deep black dial, hence the name Swedish night.


We have decided to end the production of the esteemed Chronolink Worldtimer UTC after 17 years and approximately 4000 pieces produced.

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