Annual edition 21

Sjöö Sandström Annual Edition 2021

As advocates of Swedish luxury, we stand in awe of the experiences and characters that took us here. One of these characters, and perhaps the most prominent figure to represent the values of our homeland, is of course “the strongest girl in the world”, Pippi Långstrump.

Known across the globe for her independent spirit, Pippi’s courage to live by curiosity and her guts to challenge the routine serve as guiding stars for our ambition to transcend time on a daily basis. Her unique creativity and wild imagination as well as generosity and kindness towards others, especially children, represent an inner strength that we aim to emulate always.

Honoring the brave girl with the fiery hair, we are proud to present this year’s version of the Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition. This exclusive timepiece comes with a stunning dial that features a subtle interpretation of Pippi’s iconic braids, a unique tactile pattern that comes alive through light and shades and that provides depth and detail for a profound experience. In addition, the second hand and the year 2021 boast an orange color that reflects her vibrant personality. Furthermore, the back of the case features an engraved Pippi illustration by original Pippi Långstrump illustrator Ingrid Vang Nyman.

Indeed, this understated approach celebrates the duality of Swedish luxury, combining the somber with creative playfulness. 

Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 21 comes in three sizes – 32, 36 and 41 – for an optimal fit for both ladies and gents and is available in a total of only 86 pieces. The limited-edition timepiece is presented in an exclusive box featuring classic Pippi Långstrump illustrations. 

86 Exclusive classics

Each year we launch a unique and limited edition of the iconic Royal Steel Classic. This exclusive edition, available in only 86 pieces, celebrates our legacy as well as the irresistible passage of time. Just as the number of pieces available stem from our beginnings in 1986, so does the design of the Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition – spiked with a contemporary touch. We hereby invite you to enjoy a rare and highly exclusive version of a classic timepiece.

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