Annual edition 22

Sjöö Sandström Annual Edition 2022

This year’s edition is a sequel to 2021’s massively successful tribute to Pippi: the strongest girl in the world.

Last year’s Annual Edition – a tribute to Pippi Långstrump - took the world by storm and had watch-aficionados and Pippi-fans from all over the world wanting a timepiece inspired by the international superstar. However, in line with Sjöö Sandström’s Annual Edition concept, only 86 pieces were manufactured and delivered – leaving many of you without the iconic watch. Therefore, it is our great pleasure to introduce 2022’s Annual Edition where design elements and details from the stunning predecessor once again are brought to life - but with a twist.

The decision to follow-up on 2021’s Annual Edition came with a thrilling challenge. We knew we wanted to celebrate the brave girl with the fiery hair for another year, but not without adding a new element. To keep the stunning dial with has a subtle interpretation of Pippi’s iconic braids was important to us, as its unique pattern comes alive through light and shades, which provides depth and detail for a more profound experience. In addition, we also wanted to keep the second hand and the year 2022 in the same, orange colour which is inseparable from her vibrant personality. Found on the back of the case is still the engraved Pippi-illustration by Ingrid Vang Nyman – the original illustrator of Pippi Långstrump.

Experiments were carried out at our workshop where the aim was to let the timepiece come to life in a new way, and once we saw the timeless, black dial we knew we had arrived at our desired destination. The depth and complexity of the dial’s pattern seemed to dance with the available light in a beautiful movement, creating different expressions depending on the hour of the day.

In many ways, Pippi’s way of life serves as a guiding star for Sjöö Sandström. To live fearlessly with a curious mind and to stay wild in imagination while being kind, are to us truly admirable values to strive for. Known across the globe for her independent spirit, this iconic representative of Sweden has won over hearts and minds all over the world, and we proudly celebrate her spirit and heritage for another year.

Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition 22 comes in three sizes – 32, 36 and 41 – for an optimal fit for both ladies and gents and is available in a total of only 86 pieces. The limited-edition timepiece is presented in an exclusive box featuring classic Pippi Långstrump illustrations.

86 Exclusive classics

Each year we launch a unique and limited edition of the iconic Royal Steel Classic. This exclusive edition, available in only 86 pieces, celebrates our legacy as well as the irresistible passage of time. Just as the number of pieces available stem from our beginnings in 1986, so does the design of the Royal Steel Classic Annual Edition – spiked with a contemporary touch. We hereby invite you to enjoy a rare and highly exclusive version of a classic timepiece.



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