Annual Edition 23

Sjöö Sandström Annual Edition 2023

Continuing our cherished annual edition watch with a sublime combination of color and element 74.

In a whirlwind of anticipation and joy, we're thrilled to unveil the Annual Edition 2023. This edition isn't just a watch, it's a tribute to the ingenuity of Carl Wilhelm Scheele, an 18th-century Swedish chemist who unearthed the wonders of tungsten oxide. And now, our Annual Edition 2023 proudly have tungsten in its construction, honoring Scheele's legacy. Tungsten isn't just an element in our design; it's part of our story, a thread that weaves through our brand's history and legacy.

In this new model, it takes center stage with a tungsten bezel—an homage to its enduring significance across our past collections. Crafted with sleek lines and an enthralling blend of colors, this Annual Edition breathes new life into elegance. The vibrant orange hue, a nod to our early journey's spirit, infuses the watch with a sense of inspiration and energy. Beyond its visual appeal, the Arabic numerals on the dial serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.


Imbued with meticulous craftsmanship, this limited edition comprises just 86 individually crafted pieces. Each one is a testament to our commitment—to the pursuit of precision, innovation, and the artistry that defines our brand. These watches aren't mere timepieces; they're intricate works of art, embodying sophistication and excellence in every detail.

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