Bespoke professional watches

Sjöö Sandström Special Project

During our 35 years as a manufacturer of exclusive wristwatches, we have had the opportunity to manufacture customized watches for some of the leading organizations in the world. To name a few, we have in recent years manufactured watches for the Swedish Air Force, the National Task Force, the Reinforced Regional Task Force, Swedish Security Services, the Swedish Coast Guard, the Swedish Maritime Administration and many more.

Before each new project, we at Sjöö Sandström use all our knowledge and experience in design and product development to produce watches that meet the high requirements that exist in any given project. Together, we create wristwatches that are handcrafted and full of details taken from the particular organization.

The watches are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in Stockholm. Our special project watches are designed to withstand the demands of high altitude or deep water and adorn the wrists of combat personnel around the world. In close collaboration with elite military units from all over the Nordic region, we offer tailor-made watches to match your needs, all based on models from our core collection or your very own design depending on the volume.

From requests as simple as a personalized engraving to develop designs that only can be undertaken with the proven expertise of truly dedicated watchmakers, you will witness the amazing evolution from a sketch drafted on a piece of paper to your very own watch suited for your specific field.

Welcome to talk with us about creating something unique together.

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