Sjöö Sandström Craftsmanship

It is in Sweden, in the production facility at Södermalm in Stockholm that our watchmakers conceive, assemble and fine-tune each Sjöö Sandström. Their art and craftsmanship come alive in each precise measurement and in the strict quality controls and attention given to each step of the process, however complex the mechanism.

A Sjöö Sandström watch consists of several hundred tiny parts. Some are sculpted or stamped from a block of metal, some are abraded and yet others are laser-cut. After each part is given its initial form, it undergoes numerous steps of refinement. Teeth are shaped in wheels, contours are shaved to within a micron, holes are drilled, etcetera. Before assembling the watch every single part is subjected to a thorough technical and aesthetic inspection. For example, any hand that appears to be parallel to the dial, but is actually bent by a few hundredths of a millimeter, is immediately removed and exchanged.

All Sjöö Sandström watches are carefully tested before being signed off for mounting. When mounting the dial and hands of the watch or inserting the movement, all steps are checked individually before starting the next. In some Sjöö Sandström models the movement is visible through an open case-back, in others it is hidden.

The movements are decorated with the famous Côtes de Genève and polished screw heads. After final adjustments the movement is assembled in a unique steel case. Each watch from Sjöö Sandström is given an engraved number that provides the watch with a unique identification.

Depending on model, a leather, rubber, or steel bracelet is mounted to the watch using special tools and individually adjusted links for optimal fit and durability. The new timepiece is subjected to a visual control, a thorough polishing, and a final control of all functions before it is packaged. The functionality tests include visual analysis of the hands, date window, pushers, crown, and hand-setting level. The watch is set to the correct time and polished one final time before the watchmaker signs the two-year international warranty and the watch is ready to be shipped to its new owner.

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