Swedish Navy's 500th anniversary

Sjöö Sandström Landsort 459m

Time has always played an important role for the Navy, ever since Gustav Vasa bought the first warships in 1522 and the Swedish Navy was born.

During our 37 years as a manufacturer of exclusive wristwatches, we have had the opportunity to manufacture customized watches for some of the leading organizations in the world. Before each new project, we at Sjöö Sandström use all our knowledge and experience in design and product development to produce watches that meet the high requirements that exist in any given project. Our special project watches are designed to withstand the demands of high altitude or deep water and adorn the wrists of combat personnel around the world. The watches are, as always, designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop in Stockholm.

The project to produce a unique watch to celebrate the Swedish Navy's 500th anniversary started as a private initiative together with personnel in the Navy 2021. Our goal was to connect with the Navy's elements, characteristics, and history. The watch is based on the Landsort 459m model, but many parts and details have been changed or added. The opportunity to order the watch was only during the anniversary year 2022 and was only possible for employed personnel in the Navy or individuals with a background in the defense branch (e.g. military service or former employee).

Time has always played an important role for the Navy, ever since Gustav Vasa bought the first warships in 1522 and the Swedish Navy was born. This regardless of whether it was to determine one's position at sea with insufficient precision half a millennium ago or if today it is a matter of coordinating weapon systems with second precision, time has a decisive role in the success and safety of naval units.

Landsort and its lighthouse, built in the 17th century, on the island of Öja is a well-known landmark in Stockholm's southern archipelago. The place not only has a historical heritage but is also very close to Berga, one of the bases for both the navy and the amphibious corps. The Baltic Sea's deepest place, Landsortsdjupet with its 459 m, also named after the lighthouse, is just outside and is also the known geography for personnel in the Navy.

Below are the changes that we have made compared to the original execution of the Landsort 459m.

Dial & hands

Dial in carbon fiber to match with the more modern materials used on some of today's ships. Index five has been replaced by a five to make it clear, even in the dark, that it is a special model to celebrate five hundred years. In red, the text ROYAL SWEDISH NAVY 500. The end of the second hand has the anchor from the Navy´s older coat of arms.


The Navy's older coat of arms on the caseback along with dates for the time period that includes the 500 years. Individually numbered.

Bezel & inner case ring

Bezel in steel with raised indices. Inner ring with Gustav II Adolf's famous quote: ”NÄST GUD HWILA RIKETS SÄKERHET PÅ DESS FLOTTA”.

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