UTC Skydiver celebrates 10 years

Sjöö Sandström UTC Skydiver

Time flies. UTC Skydiver, which has been operating at a higher level from its takeoff, is already 10 years old. Since its introduction in 2011, this unique timepiece has been the preferred choice of not only Swedish fighter pilots, but also many other professionals with high demands on precision and durability.

Handcrafted in collaboration with the Swedish Air Force, UTC Skydiver was developed to meet 35 strict military demands and requirements. As a result, the high-flying watch incorporates a combination of an analogue and digital movement. The analogue shows the local time while the digital displays local time plus an additional time zone of your choice. Worn by the Air Force’s all flying personnel, the watch also includes backlight, alarm, perpetual calendar, second time zone, timer and chronograph. 

10-year limited edition

At Sjöö Sandström, we celebrate the popularity and longevity of this stunning timepiece by launching a unique UTC Skydiver 10-year edition. This limited edition marks the first time we incorporate titanium into to the main case, mixed with black DLC steel. Since titanium is three times harder than steel but weighs less, the result is an exceptionally strong and durable yet light timepiece.

This is also the first time we launch a watch with a green woven wristband, paying tribute to the military aspect of this powerful unit. In addition, the dial comes in the color Ghost grey, inspired by the Swedish fighter jet JAS 39 Gripen, combined with red details.

Available in only 100 pieces.

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